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Everyday Menu

The OG
A chewy classic chocolate chip.
(Also available gluten-free.)

Chocolate-chocolate, topped with sea salt.

Sugar with sprinkles. A party in a cookie.

Sugar stuffed with Nutella, sprinkled with chocolate.

PB ‘N Fluff*
Peanut butter cookie, fluff-stuffed. It’s delicious.

September Menu

Back to School
A spin on your favorite breakfast on the go, the classic strawberry Pop Tart

Fall Equinox
As the temperature drops, cozy up with this apple crisp inspired oatmeal cookie

Allston Christmas
A chocolate snickerdoodle, because everyone's favorite faux holiday deserves it's own cookie

Nice (cookie) butt-er
A cookie butter base with chunks of delicious dark chocolate

* Contains nuts. Please note that we are not a nut-free kitchen. Equipment is exposed to various allergens - please contact us with any questions.